We are a industry leading manufacturer and supplier of Battery Container, Automotive Battery Container, Tubular Battery Container, Solar Battery Container and E-Rickshaw Battery Container.

Usage Effect Performance
Use of PPCP Raw Material in Containers and Cover Manufacturing. (PPCP : LG, RELIANCE, IOC) Best Quality, High Impact resistance, High Density (Making container light weight) with Excellent Finish. No Breakage of Charged Batteries. Thus, Battery is Maintained Throughout its Guarantee Period
User of very High Quality Master batches (containing UV protector) for Coloring of Caontainers and Covers. Containers and Covers retain their original color for longer periods without fading. No Effect on Strength and Sealing of Battery thus, Making Battery Long Living without any Off Shades
Cold Forged Lead Bush user contains Selenium Properties. Terminal gets less Oxidation This Effect will remain throughout the Guarantee Period of Battery
Use of PPCP instead of Fillers etc. No Cracking or Breaking of Containers while Hole Punching Use of PPCP avoids leakage in intercell Partitions.
PPCP Usase Containers are Highly Insulated and have High Heat Resistance. Hence, Low Water Loss.

Product Range

We specialize in manufacturing high quality plastic heat seal battery containers.
We manufacture, supply and provide services for the following products: